Explosives HAZOP Studies and Solution with Shock Tube Supply Chain World Wide

Published: 16th May 2012
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Zukovich, Morhard & Wade, LLC. (ZMW) is a design and build engineering consulting firm that specializes in design engineering projects involving explosives, detonators and propellants. The main focus is technology transfer involving explosive and detonator manufacturing and other outsourced technical support within the global explosives industry. In principal, ZMW is a temporary engineering staffing company that works within project teams that are designing and constructing, or upgrading explosives and detonator plants. ZMW also licenses technology. ZMW has operated in more than 580 different explosives manufacturing facilities in more than 92 countries worldwide. ZMW provides Confidential Outsourced Technical Support based on the specific customers requirement, while operating under a wide range of conditions, from the artic to the desert, to the mountains to the jungles, all over the world.

ZMW is a temporary and confidential engineering staffing company that works with owners and operators of explosives and detonator plants. ZMW enables others to build new capacity to produce high-quality explosives and detonators. ZMW technology is advanced, represents the state-of-the-art, and transfers technology and ‘know-how.’

ZMW enables detonator and explosives consumers to wean themselves off the large multinational manufacturers of detonator and explosives, and to reduce finished goods costs by as much as 50%. Becoming independent and avoiding the purchase of detonator and explosives provides the ZMW customer with a strong strategic advantage, and fuels ZMW growth.

ZMW provides technical services throughout the life-cycle of explosives and detonators materials from innovative ideas all the way through formulation, raw materials evaluation, process chemistry, site planning, hazards analysis, risk management, production equipment design and sourcing, permitting, regulatory interface, public affairs, production equipment installation and commissioning, quality control, detonation testing, operator training, packaging design, governmental approvals, logistics, storage facility design and security, marketing and sales support, blasting and product use, recycling and explosive disposal solutions around the world.

ZMW provides elemented and loaded delay non-electric detonators that are ‘factory floor ready’ for final assembly onto Shock Tube. These non-electric detonators are available in millisecond and full second delays that are produced to precise firing times. Through ZMW’s vast network in more than 92 countries, we are able to source non-electric delay detonator from dozens of regional high-quality producers. ZMW can arrange multiple and competitive product supply offers from all over the world. These ‘loaded shells’ are available in alloy, aluminum or steel and can be ink-jet marked with any regulatory identification requirement, safety warning or company branding to your requirement.

The modern Non-Electric Detonator enables blasters to safely and efficiently design and shoot surface and underground shots for optimal fragmentation, air blast and ground vibration control. Blasting operations ranging from the ultra large coal mines in the – 40 C cold of the Mongolian Gobi Desert to the quarry operations in the + 40 C heat of the Saudi Arabian desert, depend every day on the Non-Electric Detonator in the global marketplace.

ZMW provides both on-site field technical services for new and existing molecular explosives production facilities. Our technical services includes modern molecular explosives technology, production equipment, plant commissioning and start-up services, and safety audits for: PETN (pentaerythritoltetranitrate) production, Crude PETN production and handling in booster production, Petolite melt-pour booster production (PETN / TNT) (PETN / RDX) and HMX (Octogen, cyclotetramethylene) production.

A very important aspect of designing, constructing and operating an emulsion explosive production facility is the Hazards and Operability Studies (HAZOP). ZMW takes a nonnegotiable position with respect to explosives safety. We have and will continue to have this standard, and will not be involved with any operation we deem to be unsafe. ZMW has conducted HAZOP studies for many multinational explosives manufacturers who make explosives security and safety their primary concern.

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