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Published: 21st September 2011
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Pasta, an Italian staple food item has been growing in popularity everywhere. The increased demand for pasta has been seen more in Asian countries. The appreciation for imported pasta from Italy has increased so much that the Italians are now complaining of a shortage in their own country. Pasta is also easy to cook, has different varieties and can be prepared in innumerable ways.

White pasta Bad effects on Health

White pasta like white bread and white rice is made from refined white flour. This should be avoided by diabetics and people with high cholesterol. It has a high carbohydrate and sugar content so when it is consumed the sugar is immediately assimilated leading to elevated sugar levels. This gives it a high glycemic index and hence it should be avoided by diabetics and anyone who has high blood sugar. It also contains high levels of bad LDL cholesterol and should be avoided by anyone with high blood pressure. People regularly consuming white pasta are also more likely to put on weight. Hence for pasta lovers, from the health benefit viewpoint it is recommend to eat whole wheat pasta. This pasta is made from whole grains.

The health benefits of whole grain pasta

Whole grain pasta is also known as brown pasta owing to its color. It has almost the same taste as white pasta and negates most of the health risks of white pasta. It has a lower glycemic index and releases sugar slowly into the blood stream thus reducing the risk of elevated blood sugar levels. It also contains good LDL cholesterol which is beneficial and not harmful. This type of pasta also has the other advantages of whole grains, that is, high fiber content which helps improve digestion and bowel movement. Whole grains also rich in vitamin B and minerals like zinc, phosphorus and magnesium. Hence it is safe to say that a whole grain pasta preparation makes a more healthy and wholesome meal. Studies have shown that consumption of whole grains reduce high blood pressure, high blood sugar and contribute to weight loss.

Where to buy the healthiest pasta in Malaysia

There are some online shopping outlets that can give you direct access to the best local and imported pastas. Such online stores allow you to compare different brands and prices to ensure that you are getting the best deal. Also, unlike a regular department or grocery you are not falling for any other deals you may not need. You can simply focus on the product you want and need to buy. As Malaysians are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of whole grain pasta, this type of pasta will surely be available for all.

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