Junior Horlicks with delicious flavors- vanilla and chocolate

Published: 22nd October 2011
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Junior Horlicks not harmful to consume food which suits one’s taste bud until and unless it is easy to digest and is high in nutritional value. Its useful for Pre-School children and to meet this demand of great taste and nutrition among children’s, Horlicks which is India’s leading health food drink provider has introduced Junior Horlicks in 2 yummy flavours – vanilla and chocolate.

What children want
For every mother feeding their child is a troublesome affair. Eating pattern of children’s continuously change and is greatly influenced by their classmates and friends choices.

As these children’s are very selective about their food and generally prefer eating only those things which are sweet and are good in taste. Their favorite foods include cakes, chocolates, ice creams. That’s why most popular flavors among them are vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

Toddler’s nutrient needs
According to Junior Horlicks nutrition plan, every child in its initial year requires lot of nutrients for their proper physical and mental development. But their daily nutritional requirement can’t be fulfilled by just making them consume normal home food. Children’s should be given lot of nutritional and healthy things such as green vegetables, fruits, milk etc. to eat and drink.

There are lots of natural things available which can replenish the children’s daily requirement. But it is a very complicated and troublesome task to feed them. And it becomes a more challenging thing for parents when their child is very choosy about the food he eats. In such situation they can’t force their child. They have to keep patience and have to carefully resort to health food drinks such as Junior Horlicks to bridge the supply gap in their child’s daily nutritional requirements.

Importance of Junior Horlicks
Junior Horlicks has all the vital nutritional components required for proper growth and development of the children’s. Available in toddler’s favorite flavor of vanilla and chocolate, these nutritional supplements for young children’s have all the necessary components required for their proper physical and mental development. Great taste of Junior Horlicks also means that parents won’t have to face any difficulty feeding their children and its good for Physical Growth Child.

Junior Horlicks is a power packed supplement for kids. It includes necessary nutrition required for your child’s development. These nutrition includes Power Vitamins such as B1, B2, B6 and niacin, growth boosters such as Protein, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K and magnesium (which are very essential for physical growth of your child) and smart nutrients that includes Iron, iodine, DHA, choline, vitamin C and folic acid(which are required for mental development and functioning of brain).

Daily consumption of Junior Horlicks is very beneficial for children. They need to follow a junior Horlicks nutrition plan that includes lot of proteins, carbohydrate and many other nutritional foods. All these things are required to meet children’s daily dietary needs and requirements which arise due to their heavy schedule of schooling, studying, playing etc. Junior Horlicks nutritional plan health food drink has been specially formulated to take care of every toddler’s daily nutritional requirements while keeping their taste in mind.

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Children’s are very fussy about their eating habit. But the daily nutritional requirement of them is very huge. To meet these huge requirements, parents should feed them healthy food. Consumption of healthy food will help in children’s proper development of physical and mental state. But feeding healthy food to the children is not an easy task. For them taste matters a lot. So to meet children’s every day dietary needs and requirement junior Horlicks in two special flavors has been introduced.

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